Father of Gramarie



Played By Lady Tialait
Divine Rank 1 Demi-God
Alignment Lawful Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol An anvil with a dwarven face upon it.
Favoured Weapon Hammer of Forging


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Law
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Dwarf (Ingenuity)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Warrior
Combat Rating 1.5
Divine Combat Modifiers:

: The Hammer of the Dwarves, swinging his great hammer to strike his foes.
: Strength of the Dwarves, Agni has great strength and resilience possessed by his earthen-born race.


Agni was a mortal dwarf who was before the days of Purity the greatest celebrity they ever had. He invented the basics of Gramarie for the whole of the Playground and beyond, his disciples were the first Gramarists, and Artificers in the world.

He brought great advancement and glory to the dwarven holds, and advanced them making them nearly unstoppable. What he didn’t know is that he was merely a pawn to the Avatar of the Visionary known as Dred Olg. Only when it was too late did he realize this, and he was frozen in time till the moment when he would once again be useful to the Visionary. This time has come.

Agni is tall for a dwarf, his beard is shorter then one would expect and his once bright red beard has turned silver with age. His voice is not nearly as gruff as normal for his race, he speaks with a conviction to his words that many cannot help get caught up in.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee