The Lucky/Disaster Thumb



Played By Hatter
Divine Rank 11 – Intermediate God
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol Mummified Rat Claw
Favoured Weapon Quarterstaff


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Luck (Fortune)
Other Domains Envy (Obsession) Trickery (Shapeshifters) Pestilence (Disease)

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|6|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{A} Twist of Fortune: With a small twist of his Primary Domain, Ahn increases a friend’s chance of victory.

{A} Tricky Mirrors: Ahn erects a series of mirrors that aid his allies and confuses his enemies.

{A} Dumb Luck of Kings: Sometimes all one needs is the Dumb Luck of a King.

{D} Lucky Dodge: Whoa! That was a close one!

{C} Cheap Shot: Ahn does not fight fair. He will lash out at his opponent’s weak spots at the most opportune moments.

{C} Lucky Hit: With a bit of Luck, even the most untrained might just hit something vital.

{H} Devouring Corruption (Good): Ahn despises the Goodly. He sees them as weak and he will devour them.

{D} Scales of Diamonds: Ahn hardens his scales, impossible to penetrate.


Description: Ahn is a fickle deity known by many titles among many mortals of many races. His form ever shifting and inconsistent just as are his blessings and his favors, ever changing at a whim. Some call him The Lucky Thumb, Some call him Disaster Thumb, others call him the Great Fox. He acts upon the playground through many mortal agents, some knowing, others not so much.


Luck, Fortune, such things are fickle. They do not favor anyone. You can have and then you can lose it. Take a chance or you will never find what you seek.

The baron rules over the land, your neighbor has riches beyond what he deserves and the tax-collecter has not one but two beautiful wives. Why should they have it all? Why do they deserve it and you don’t? Take what is your right and fear not the consequences!

Monsters they call you. Beasts and murderers they accuse you. I call you blessed, shapeshifters of the world. Always will you be my favored children. Trick them! Confuse them! Devour them!

People scream in agony, they curse their sickness and their diseases. They say they are weak because of them. I say they are weak for thinking so! Disease weeds out the unfit! It reaps the souls of those undeserving of greatness! Be strong and prevail and I promise you rewards you’ve only dreamnt of!


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee