The Evil Serpent



Played By Rashala
Divine Rank 5 Demi-God
Alignment Neutral Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A coiled feathered serpent with large fangs poised to strike at the individual viewing the symbol.
Favoured Weapon Grappling


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Evil
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Strength (Might)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|16.5 on First Round, 9 on each round after the First.|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|
{C} The Infinite Serpent: Cacoboros’ length is seemingly indefinite, for an individual attempting to walk it’s length from one end to the other shall never reach it no matter how long or far they travel. Though an individual may follow it’s length from one end to the other if not upon it’s surface.
{C} The World Crusher: Cacoboros is said to circle the playground twice, and be responsible for quakes when merely shifting.
{C} The Serpent King’s Eyes: Like a lesser snake may paralyze it’s victims with fear, the gaze of the Serpent King may kill.
{C} The Viper’s Quickness: The Infinite Evil is quick, a blink may find one’s self struck by it’s venomous fangs.


Description: It does not care if you are Mortal. It does not care if you are Weak. It does not care if you are a Power, a Deity, or an animal. Its might is infinite, and this gives it unlimited rights to end your life. It is for the strong to rule over lesser beings. You are it’s lesser. You are it’s food, and it’s prey. You are nothing, or soon shall be.

This enormous serpent is about as big around as a very large house at the tip of it’s tail, or in diameter equivalent to the most grand in scale of castles at it’s thickest. From a single point at the exterior of the Playground, if one can follow it’s coils it is capable of circling the entirety two times. It needs not stop crushing the world to strike at those upon it. All shall perish. It’s fangs holds a poison so potent it can dissolve stone and metal with equal ease, rendering any material it contacts to nothing as swiftly as a drop of water left to fall into a raging inferno.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee