The Fair



Played By theThird
Divine Rank 18 – Greater God
Alignment True Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol A Dowsing Rod
Favoured Weapon Dowsing Rod; Quarterstaff


Legacy Domain Elements
Alignment Domain Balance
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Wealth (Prosperity)
Other Domains Psionic (Lucid Dreaming) Commerce (Deals) Craft (Gramarie) Knowledge (Consciousness) Dream (Unconsciousness) Time (Plans)

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|18|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|
{C} Hard mineral: Eucle’s body changes from divine flesh to divine metal. He is composed primarily of bismuth but there are many other elements among him. This gives him both strength and endurance. (From being a Demigod)
{C} Dream lives: From within his cauldron Eucle can take many wealth dreams among them there is substenance for him healing his wounds and mind. (From having DR 3)
{C} Rod of gramaric dreams: Eucle has fashioned his rod in a similar manner to his disciples, but the god isn’t limitted to the realm of the possible or probable. This weapon crafted from the dreams of thousands of gramarists allows Eucle to strike fast and far with the power of science. (From being a lesser god)
{C} Mirroring maybes: The prosperity god can see what may happen and which actions to invest into turning into a reality. He can use this for combat in order to strike truer than many would believe him capable of. (From having DR 6)
{C} Mindscape: Eucle can change the terrain using dreams to favor himself. (From having DR 9)
{C} Can I Offer you a deal?: The demon god is tricky when it comes to getting what he wills and he can cajole or simply use cunning to undermine other god’s power base among their followers so his power comparatively increases in combat (From Being an itermediate god)
{C} Thousand palms: The prosperity god always has an open hand for those that might need it. Being able to cast hands from psychoactive wood and metal helps, and can be hard to deal with in combat. (From having DR 12)
{C} Souls come unto me: Eucle can call the deceased souls to form an army around himself warding him from attacks and disracting his opponents with their many bodies. (From having DR 15)
{C} Crowned by wealth dragons: Two draconic heads spring from Eucle’s shoulder each bearing the insectoid features of his own wealth dragons. This beasts can breath noxious vapours, providing the prosperity god with wards and weapons against metal. (From being a greater deity)


Description: Eucle’s primal form was that of a dragon carved from stone and metal with bountiful fruit trees at his back. He had taken that form from Deimos, the courage god, dreams the ones he had devoured along with the divine spark.
Now with his material body deep within the moon the God has taken a more earthly gise to wander around his city. He takes the form of an old yet fit man. Slightly taller than a human and of dark skin. His features are those of mixed heritage, appearing human, dwarf and elf at the same time. Only his golden eyes betray his divinity and for long he hid them behind a dark cloth.
Eucle used to keep himself hidden, wearing dark cloth to keep his form from his subjects with which he liked to confere in dreams but recently, after those same subjects were targeted the god now poses more radiantly, as if to make himself a target and not his followers.
Against his skin he dons a rusted and decayed armor, that had pertained to his father, and over it a kimono brocaded with wealth, psionics and gramarie. His belt contains many chests and pouches miniature filigrees which he can use to produce his weapons and tools. But the most outlandish feature that sets him completely appart from mortals are the two long necked insectile draconic heads springing from his shoulders.


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