The Cackling Flame, the Roaring Hunger, and That Which Fuels



Played By Gunhaven
Divine Rank 6 – Lesser God
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A dark night, a campfire burning high with revelers of the worshiping race surrounding it, a good time to burn the world down.
Favoured Weapon Torch


Legacy Domain Elemental
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Trickery (Arson)
Other Domains Gluttony (Ethanol), Travel (Combustion Engines)

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|6|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|{C} Campfire Tales: Luring the unsuspecting into the light of the camp, the Cackling Flame prepares to lash out or smolder in it’s pit.
{O} Gout of Flame: The Cackling Flame cannot be contained to mere boundaries, lashing out like an uncontrolled flame at those that are weak.
{H, Law} The Unbound Flame: The Cackling Flame will not be bound by such petty concepts as a campfire’s circle, a lantern’s glass wall, or the strength of the breeze. He desires nothing more than freedom to see the world burn.
{D} Setting the Blaze: Sometimes the spark that starts the blaze comes from beyond and That Which Fuels recognizes the need to build up the proper bonfire for such occasions, punishing the fools and rewarding the righteous.
{O} Devouring the Fuel: The Roaring Hunger demands constant fuel to burn brighter and hotter with each passing season, consuming all that lies in His path in His desire to fill that void within.


Description: A spark of hatred from Zalsaram was all that was needed to bring forth Grenzo, the Cackling Flame. Preferring the appearance of a campfire, all the better to confuse and infuriate when he sparks up in another way, Grenzo embodies trickery taken to a dangerous end. Most of those mortals that have heard of him are on the fringe of societies, either born in the cesspool of remains or for fear of their arsonist tendencies would see them put to the same torch that they once used. Yet even when mobs gather with torch and pitchfork He is there, whispering for the mass of anger to be unleashed in destructive rampages.

Grenzo views his place on his Master as a herald. Where tricks are played he attempts to channel the fury of Zalsaram to insure that His enemies are few and far between. Yet He is still a deity of tricks and even if destruction isn’t the outcome he prefers a good show over the boring tendencies of those good or, especially, lawful beings that attempt to put a stop to revelries before they can reach their destructive potential.

Since His destructive birth into the Playground Grenzo has gifted the land with the means to worship Him: ethanol. From this fuel His followers have created means to spread His joy to the corners of Demiourgia with plans to spread His flame beyond in the making. Recently He has left His followers to explore on their own, visiting His chosen ones in dreams of hunger and flame.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee