Our Lady of Suffering, That Wicked Crone



Played By Phobia
Divine Rank 5 – Demi-god
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A broken vial over a red leaf
Favoured Weapon Poison & Claws


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Evil
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Suffering (Disease)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|?|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|{O} Poison Cloud: A cloud of poison dust that weakens leaving them ripe for attack.
{O} Dirty Trick: An unexpected blow, quicker than she looks, for an extremely sensitive area.
{D} Black Lung: Was that some kind of powder on her cloak? It’ll give them one heck of a wheezing cough and leave them quite vulnerable.


Description: The robe is often all you see of Hagatha as the hood dips over her face concealing it in darkness. Underneath the hood she usually appears as an elderly woman, a crone, drawing on the myths that the old lonely woman was responsible for disease. She could pass for a wizened human or elf but in truth her form is that of an ancient dryad. But this is just for show, her true form is that an old heart tree, twisted and evil, a sentient malevolent tree that grew tired of dreaming and simply got up.

The large robe she wears is tattered and worn more fit for a begged than a god and she puts most of her weight, broken older woman that she is, on a large walking stick she carries. It’s a branch from the tree she was. Don’t be fooled because she is faster than she looks and would love to sink her poisoned claws into you whether they be the long fingernails of a hag or the twisted branches of a tree.

Hagatha isn’t stupid or out to exterminate all life but she is quite insane. The old woman loves a good joke and has a wicked sense of humor. She greatly enjoys watching the struggle of a hero on a quest or a farmer just trying to provide for his family. Whether they succeed or fail it’s the struggle that excites her. She wants the hero and the beggar to survive equally because if either die than their suffering is over. Oh sure, maybe there’s an afterlife but that just isn’t exciting, understood? It’s life that brings joy and the denial of joy. When a boy struggles for life against a stomach virus it makes him suffer, and those watching him also suffer, like his poor mother.. If he died they could all move on. But if he survives maybe she visits another disease and then they have to wonder: is this the one? That is true suffering.

It’s the pain and torture she enjoys so of course she wants to keep them alive. She’ll teach those mortals about herbs and potions to make sure they don’t die to the simple things. No that would be far too easy. She wants them to live as long as possible, survive on the brink, to live on in torture or at least till tomorrow when they could despair at the tragedy of a loved one, or lose something important to them. Yes, life was what mattered, the vitality and pain. Hagatha wanted to visit the populations of the mortal realm and set up special places for the sick where she could teach the mortals to care for them as a kindly old woman but, in truth, she just wanted a front row seat.


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