The Fine Friend



Played By Emperor Demonking
Divine Rank 5 – Demi-god
Alignment Chaotic Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol A Copper Coin
Favoured Weapon Crossbow


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Good
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Protection (Good Fortune)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|5|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|
{C} Fortune Favours The Me: Harcob naturally has an reality bending aura to help him defeat his enemies.
{D} Can’t Hit Me!: Harcob is a small target and a particularly fast and nimble one, also.
{D} Fighting dirty: When under pressure Harcob exploits every possible advantage in combat. Ethics? What are those?


Description: Harcob is a pink-skinned svelte humanoid standing just under four foot. At creation, he is entirely nude although a few artefacts might change that. His left eye is green, and his right eye is red. His hair is a copper colour, and his mouth is very expressive. He’d love it to be a permanent grin, but cannot help it when it shows his horror at the world’s horrors.

Harcob is a deity of good fortune with a certain degree of strong ethical fiber. If asked he would surely tell you about how the great thing when he could bend fortune to produce a win-win situation, or at least have it be beneficial from a utilitarian perspective. Still, even when acting as a higher power over mortals he can be influenced through pity or empathy to grant fortune to one even if its a zero-sum with an other. Although, always motivated by good his claims to his ethics can be questioned.

Harcob is a deity of Good and is particular to those that share his views. He would rather not be in the presence of those that don’t at least aspire to help the work, and he could not be at all civil to those who would try to do harm. Still he is non-violent preferring indirect approaches.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee