Played By Yeshon
Divine Rank 5 – Demi-god
Alignment Neutral Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol A Drawn Bow
Favoured Weapon Long Bow


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Good
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Destiny (Potential)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|7|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|
{D} Unblinking, Farseeing: Few things escape the Pursuer’s sight. He can see the night sky through the suns, he can study herds thousands of miles away, and see the depths of the ocean from her surface. To take the Pursuer by surprise would be an exceedingly worthy feat.

{C} Supreme Marksman: The Pursuer’s archery can only be described as supernatural. The joints in armor, the dead center of a shield, his sight and skill makes minor flaws into glaring weaknesses.

{O} The Wind Trails Behind: In a burst of divine speed Helfarch is able to cross vast distances in a breath, coming upon his quarry before the sound of his steps, or force a unwary foe to serve as quiver to the dozens of arrows launched at the same instant.

{A} The Bloom of Promise: Helfarch sees his allies’ potential, and he strives to nurture ALL potential in his unending pursuit for perfection. With a heart of stone, Helfarch stokes the fires of his ally and brings them slightly closer to what they could become.

{C} Supreme Point Blank Shot: With his speed and skill, Helfarch is able to miraculously find the room to pepper his foe with arrows, even when that foe is within the range of a knife.


Appearance: Helfarch appears as a man just entering his prime, though times of great stagnation can cause him to age drastically. He bears green eyes and black hair and sports the beard of a man who has traveled far without pause. His skin bears the hard callouses of an ongoing journey and he is almost always carrying some fresh kill. His constant companion is an immortal eagle of various virtues (will create avians if this hasn’t been done, needs those feathers for his arrows) called Ulric who circumnavigates the globe every season and returns to report to Helfarch what he has seen.

Personality: Critical, stubborn, and overbearing are words that could describe Helfarch. He does not tolerate flaws, in himself or others and denying an obvious flaw is a grave sin in his eyes. Where some may see his critiques as cruel or petty, Helfarch earnestly believes in those around him, believing that the world can be made perfect and that nothing is served allowing others to continue down a potentially destructive road. While his flaws can be off putting, his virtues are many. Helfarch is an exceedingly devoted brother, father, son, and friend, he possesses the dauntless nature of an explorer, and an insight of the heart few can match. Most importantly, he believes in the good in others(except for the world, that guy’s a ****).

At his best he is a kind counselor and good friend. At his worse, he is a cruel surgeon, removing imperfections as he sees them. He starts somewhere in between.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee