That Which Lights the Way



Played By Gunhaven
Divine Rank 1 – Demi-God
Alignment True Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol A blazing sun, eclipsed by a tree’s burning canopy
Favoured Weapon Light Spells


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Balance
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Sun (Eclipses)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|1 (+1 for two rounds, as long as it didn’t start it)
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|{H} Those Impatient Fools! (Strikers): Balance is the nature of the universe and those that seek to disrupt that balance draw the ire of That Which Lights the Way. When a divinity seeks to disrupt the paths of the Suns, they find their way made more difficult by It’s unnerving gaze.


Brief Description: Hlo is an unassuming deity. Born from Grenzo’s hate of the current year long cycles of the Cosmic Mother’s eyes, He beget It’s spark. Yet this spark found the strangest being in the oldest tree deep within the Burning Lands. Through the hive mind that the trees share Hlo knows that not all of the land is as blessed as It’s home and now wishes to protect It’s brethren and mortals from the bitterness of the cold in It’s bark.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee