Wyvern God of Ambition.



Played By DukeGod
Divine Rank 5 – Demigod
Alignment Chaotic Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol A wyvern looking at the sky.
Favoured Weapon Long Sword


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Good
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Glory (Ambition)
Other Domains Life (Monsters)

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Warrior
Combat Rating 10 (5 DR + 2 Warrior + 3 DCM)
Divine Combat Modifiers: {C} Who is like the Dragons?: Israken emulates a dragon, scales, wings, breath weapon. But this is not where his power lies and as such, his scales are not as tough, his wings not so capable of flight, nor his breath that powerful
{C} Ever-growing Style: The style of Israken is never perfected, never at its best. Fight him once, and you’ll find out he knows several new tricks by the next time
{C} Unbreakable Will: To be defeated is acceptable. To surrender is not. Israken will always do his best to win. And then some more.

Israken is the creation of the dragon mother. He can be seen as something that is not quite a dragon, most commonly a wyvern, though he represents Humans best. He is ambition, applied towards the good things. The desire of the artist to make the perfect painting. The endless training of the swordmaster, to cut the flying sparrow. That need for improvement.

Israken is fierce and emotional. He annoys himself that he cannot act directly against threats to the world, and thus hides himself in humans, training heroes. When other species ar threatened, he accelerates the process of adaptation.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee