The Puppet Mistress



Played By Gunhaven
Divine Rank 5 Demi-God
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol The head of a dinosaur, covered in a silver helmet
Favoured Weapon Lance


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Lawful
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Domination (Mind Control)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Striker
Combat Rating 7
Divine Combat Modifiers:

{H} Through Freedom We Suffer (Chaos): The Puppet Mistress learned early that freedom leads to deviation from Law. It is only by giving up free will that Humanity can overcome the dangers of the Playground.
{O} A Mighty Charge: It is through Lance and Mount that Lustria leads and through that tactic that combat carries out.
{O} A Vicious Stomp: It is through teamwork that Rider and Mount that Lustria tramples foes beneath their onslaught and into the ground below.


Brief Description: Like all humans (of Avalon) she worships the God-Emperor and the ground he once walked on before she left to go save him (the news got delayed and I imagine it’s a big fluster cuck). By extension she hates Kyrokoli, likes Kethneciel, and is on the fence when it comes to Cosmic Mother, Grenzo, and Ignus. Other mortal races mirror Avalon so I imagine she is already biased toward lawful and/or good societies with the exception of appreciating the Rix Maadi even though they’re traditionally Chaotic Evil and now more Neutral than anything (it’s what happens when most of your trade partners are Lawful/Good).

She is a paladin so she believes in protecting the innocent. Perhaps a bit too much and willing to go that extra step that makes her less Paladin and more Grey Guard. She is very keen on teamwork and the group working as a machine would, each part performing its intended duty for the Greater Good of the settlement. She was gearing up to start a port on Godswrought although that’s obviously changed now; so a bit more ambitious than some of her comrades (I imagine it almost being like a monastery convoy that goes a touch far with the conversion).
Lustria is a devote Silver Paladin of Avalon. At least she was when she left port to sail with a contingent of Paladins toward Godswrought to serve their Lord. Of course Zalsaram had other plans for the Paladins and saw their ships crash upon a mysterious island covered in jungle. In this turbulent time did she ascend and through the newfound power did she crush the free will of her fellow humans so that they may claim their new land in the name of Ulvin.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee