Mistress of the Forgotten Hope



Played By The Third
|Divine Rank
2 – Demi-God
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol A black tear/seed/stone
Favoured Weapon Mechs


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Law
Primary Domain (Portfolio) City (Civilization)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|2|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{A} Many prayers: Inside Lylien’s body there are many living and unliving souls, each holds an eternal prayer to the goddess of civilization and she can redirect those towards her allies.
{A} One voice: Lylien’s pilot speaks with one booming voice that can bring order to the most chaotic elements of her engine similarly she can use that voice to order reality to befit her and her allies.


Brief Description:

Lylien is a dual god a mech and it’s pilot (they are always together). Both are known and referred as Lylien.

The mech is a metropolis sized vaguely humanoid construct. At it’s core it is engine 178, one of the oldest lightning engines that prevade from Neutral Ground, and is encased with wraithwood and wood drawn from Purity’s trees (the city itself was turned into a forest). It’s white smooth surface hides a sprawling city that coils around his body brimming with living moongrels. At it’s chore there are two engines each tied to one of the sounds from the Playground providing the construct with energy from the Mother’s torn eyes. The engine room is also brimming with seeds that shine with bismuth hues. When the prosperity god took the Moongrel’s souls from the tight grips of death he encased them in black seeds of daemonic trees. Now those trees grow with the bismuth’s hues filled with energy apporting another measure of divinity to the mech.

The pilot is the first Moongrel to ever be. Groomed by the Prosperity god to the task of providing the newborn god with morals and directions while at the same time holding a small spark of divinity.

Lylien is tasked with uplifting the mortal races bringing them knowledge and through it power. Her creed is that of a gardener. She just grows cities instead of plants. Lylien believes that knowledge comes from understanding and order so she promotes it.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee