The Spinner of Tales



Played By Man on Fire
Divine Rank 5 – Demigod
Alignment Lawful Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A Staff and Orb.
Favoured Weapon Story


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Law
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Knowledge (Story)
Other Domains N/A

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Caster (Spell Pool: 15)
Combat Rating 6 (5 DR + 1 DCM)
Divine Combat Modifiers: * {C} Superiority: By spinning his tale Neiag can esabilish himself as superior to his opponent in some regard, giving him advantage both in his opponent mind and in reality
* {O} Shame: By twisting story of his opponent Neiag can weaken his resolve and mind, until hey break, losing faith in their cause and themselves
* {A} Legend: To have aid of Neiag is to have him shape your tale, evelating you to be greater than before.

Neiag has been created to gather and chronolicle the knowledge of the Creation. However, he found himself far greater purporse. He sees the world as one big, infinite tale, full of never ending stories. Stories are information. Who controls information, controls the Creation. If everything is a story, then the greatest god isn’t the most powerful or the oldest – it’s the one who is superior story.
He usually takes form of a man in dark armor, with staff and the orb carrying many scrolls by his belt and huge spider arms on his back – the web of stories he spins. He sometimes takes a form of a spider, if he has a reason too.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee