The Last Chance, the Lost Cause, the Baited Breath



Played By cubedancer
Divine Rank 6 Lesser God
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol a face like a mask (like those used to represent drama, but as a single mask, half smiling, half frowning, one crescent eye upturned, the other downturned)
Favoured Weapon Unarmed


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Balance
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Fate (Chance)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|6|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{O} Fortune’s Fool – Pyre’s divine luck allows her to claw victory back from the jaws of defeat, though not without cost to herself and an experience of sacrifice (a pyrrhic victory!)
{D} Roll With It – Sometimes fate has to play itself out and Pyre is capable of weathering battles and can gain advantages over time
{A} Ever In Her Favour – Pyre’s divine luck can tip the balance of a battle in the favour of a fellow deity especially if an extreme loss or extreme victory is imminent


She is found in the roll of the dice, the calm before the storm, the eve of battle, the delusion in despair and the delusion of never despairing.

Pyre has long white hair filled with starlight. She wears a mask like that of the void on one side and that of the sun on the other (A mask of black/golden-whiteness)Usually there are no features on the mask

Her voice is like the clear peal of a bell among an almost discordant cacophony, or like a choir of voices and a heartfelt whisper all at once.Sometimes her mask bears mortal features – a mouth simultaneously smiling and frowning. One eye is creased with happiness, the other saddened.

She bears a brazen adamant staff and is clad in silvered, winged sandals that carry her across the four corners of the earth.

She dresses in robes woven from all the world’s materials, the mountains, the rivers, the lakes, the plains, the forests, the deserts, the wastes. Her robes are black, grey, white, turquoise, blue, indigo, veridian, umber, ochre and vermillion.

Unmasked, and mortals see nothing but her smile in a bright white light, lips fuller than a matriarch’s, slimmer than a maiden’s.

When she appears to women, she appears as a man in his prime, according to the assumptions of their race, with the same full lips and bare suggestion of a face. Men and women always see her as the opposing sex.

Goddess of desperation, goddess of the last gasp, the first breath, the flame and the darkness surrounding it. She is a burning, light-less pyre. A coin with many faces. A die that brings the thunder when cast.

A dedicated gambler might be her follower. A merchant who had lost everything after several bad deals/environmental hazards might offer her a prayer alongside the Gods of Luck and Ambition. A wholly deserving tyrannical leader certain to face the mob might find her aiding one of their loyal retainers to help them escape. A desperate group of revolutionaries hounded and scattered by the authorities might call on her to aid them. Lovers under duress may appeal to her, especially those undertaking a quest to prove themselves or driven mad by their feelings. Other mortals that interest her would be the seventh son of a seventh son or a halfling seeking to be a circus strongman or great warrior, or a male orc with pacifist views.

She represents the unpredictability of Fate, even when everything appears to be set in stone and tends to be rather cryptic to those who do become followers, preferring to guide them through dreams and premonitions. (So a chance to have a bit of a tussle over whatever governs that domain.)

With the other deities she is slightly less aloof. Deimos, Hagatha, Harcob, Clora and Mianmi have the most similar philosophies, though she does not share Hagatha’s view that only suffering is worthy. The elemental types also fascinate her as they embrace cycles of creation and destruction though their earthiness and directness leaves her a bit cold. She has the least in common with lawful types and may even come to see them as actively opposing her (which they kind of are).

Pyre is also distanced by the deities that lean towards entropy like Mezzethera, Aoir’yian and Soth’mog. She is somewhat in awe of the Cosmic Mother as she is the perfect contradiction – creating and therefore constantly changing the universe, yet also slumbering and still, her fate already met.

She is Pyre.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee