The Mage Hater



Played By Shog
Divine Rank 5 – Demigod
Alignment Lawful Neutral (leaning to Evil)
Holy/Unholy Symbol A broken wand being tightly clutched by two hands
Favoured Weapon Greatsword


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Lawful
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Anti-magic (Negation)

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Warrior
Combat Rating 5

Divine Modifier
Spell Caster Hater {H} He absolutely hates spell casting in all its forms including divine spell casting. He puts all his focus on fighting those who choose the way of spell casting. Targets those with the Caster Paradigm
True Spell casting hatred {H} He reeeeeeeaaaaaalllly hates spell casting. He hates above all else those who try to make their followers weak and dependent by giving them magic. Targets those with the magic domain.


He walks the world as a massive many legged bug like creature. His carapace is thick and rough with a brownish-red hue. His body is covered in many spikes that he can shoot out to stab his opponents at range. Several of his legs end in large claws strong enough to snap trees in half. His head is stout with a large jaw that opens to giant sharpened teeth. He moves surprisingly fast to chase down his prey and devour.

His mind is not nearly as great as his body however. Not to say he is stupid, he just thinks of much baser things like combat and eating over more refined thoughts. He has a natural hatred of all things magical viewing it as a route to laziness. He heavily favors those who can fight martially. He enjoys order and well set social castes.

He views spell casting as breeding laziness and sloppiness, if something goes wrong a spell caster can and will generally go to casting to solve the problem rather than relying on their own attributes to solve that problem. Why be charismatic when you can charm, why be strong when you can summon, why be smart when you can ask a god, why work when you can create servants and so on and so forth. A person could spend a life time working on perfecting one subject or they can spend years perfecting them all with magic. Magic acts as a shortcut cutting down the need to be skilled or trained in that subject to instead just needing to be able to cast that spell. He does not like short cuts through life.

He dislikes races that have a large proportion of spell casters or over rely on magic in their day to day life. He pities races who are naturally magical particularly if they have a low number of martial character meaning he will often kill those he happens to come across. He likes martial societies and while he may live among them he won’t directly give them aid. He may give them more options and what not but he is strongly against just handing them anything.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Hamste