The Unseen Council



Played By planswalker
Divine Rank 5 – Demi- God
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol A plain circle with twelve inner dots.
Favoured Weapon Quarterstaff


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Travel (Exploration)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|5|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{A} Hare’s Speed: Hare is often the first one to come to an ally’s aid in combat. She doesn’t have the courage to defend herself, but she is quite loyal to her friends.
{A} Viper’s Cunning: Viper rarely makes himself known directly, preferring to wait in ambush for the right moment to strike. Should someone be in need, Viper’s aid can be purchased for the right price.
{D} The Council’s Unity: Though rarely seen together in one place, the Unseen Council can all agree to come to each other’s aid should they be directly threatened. For such a minor deity, the results are surprisingly effective.


Brief Description: Tetlacochininervianl isn’t really one discreet “god” so much as a collection of many small divine beings of such minor power as to not even be worthy of being called hero-gods individually. These spirits work together collectively for their mutual aid and protection. The Council cares very little for the machinations of the great powers that be, instead content to let the cosmos take care of itself as each spirit pursues its own agenda in the mortal world. As a whole, the Council typically favors encouraging its followers to seek out new adventures and explore their own dreams.

The only time that all the great spirits that make up the Unseen Council all gather together in one place other than when directly threatened by another divinity is at the annual Gathering of the Spirits, which takes place the week of the summer solstice. At this time, various spirits will air their grievances against one another and the Council will vote on and debate a series of resolutions for the following year. This is also the time that their followers can most easily make contact with the Council and make their wishes known. Should the mortal’s request be pleasing to the Council, it shall be granted to them. If it is displeasing, Spider will haunt that mortal’s dreams in retribution until they have gone insane.

Though they are an uncounted multitude of beings, twelve beings lead various factions within the Council and are the spirits most often called on by mortals. They are:

Lion: The single most powerful of the spirits, he is also one of the few with a strong tendency towards order and structure. He is the one who is responsible for calling the Council together for their annual meetings and enforcing such a code of conduct as the council has for its meetings. He encourages his followers to show courage in their lives and to lead others in discovering their own valor.

Hare: If Lion could be seen as the Council’s father-figure who metes out order and discipline, then Hare is its mother providing comfort and mercy. She takes up the causes of the smaller, more timid of the Council’s members and gives them voice. She encourages her followers to be kind to the meek of the world and to help one another.

Viper: Viper is a dirty, conniving sneak. All the other members of the Council know this. He cares little what others think of him, however. He is content to know that the others fear him and respect his power. He is greedy for power and his loyalty is for sale at all times to the highest bidder. Though none of the others trust him, all know that he has the cunning and guile to get nearly any job done. He does not encourage his followers to do anything in particular, instead honoring those with the ruthless cunning to seize power for themselves.

Spider: Spider serves as the Council’s secretary and mediator during divine sessions. When not in session, she keeps to herself and spins an endless web. She also is known to haunt the dreams of mortals who offend the Council as a whole. She encourages her followers to gather information and learn as many secrets as possible.

Coyote: Coyote is an irascible prankster and wildly inventive liar. He enjoys causing chaos for its own sake and typically disrupts Council sessions for little or no reason at all. However, there is a vein of wild cunning behind his insanity and it is best not to dismiss anything he says. He makes it a pastime to hide critical truths in among his wildest lies. He encourages his followers to follow their hearts and never let the strictures of society dictate their lives.

Bear: Bear is a solid, reliable ally and a very dangerous enemy. He rarely gets involved in the politicking of the Council, preferring to stick to his own agenda and leave the rest to others. He is the foremost in an alliance of spirits who do not care for interference from the others. Outside the council, he spends his time roaming the land seeking what wonders the world has to offer. He doesn’t tell his followers what to do, but instead is honored by those who wish to be left with the freedom to follow their own path.

Crocodile: Crocodile is a rapacious predator and an insatiable hedonist who resists no impulses that come to him. Completely self-centered, he does only what he wants and not a thing more. He roams the world doing as he pleases and not caring for the consequences. He is honored by those who are similarly self-absorbed that pursue their own pleasures. He will give gifts to those who please him and add to his pleasures.

Whale: Whale is a methodical, relaxed spirit who believes the other spirits are too busy pursuing their agendas to realize that peace is all around them. He doesn’t care for the claustrophobic restrictions on his freedom that Lion wishes to impose on the Council. He follows a “live and let live” philosophy of non-interference and kindness. He encourages his followers to seek their own inner peace in the wilds.

Newt: Newt is a mystical spirit obsessed with the magical makeup of the world and seeks new hidden mysteries of the magic inherent in the Playground. She doesn’t care for the power gained from this per se, though she has the strongest magical talent in the Council. She is venerated by those who worship the Council and also seek magical power.

Falcon: Falcon is a reckless daredevil who is obsessed with the thrill of danger. He always encourages the Council to take bigger risks and try newer, more dangerous things. He is the spirit most likely to seek out the greater deities outside the material world and speak with them. He encourages his followers to chase the high of that next big thrill.

Bat: Bat leads a small coalition of outcast spirits that the others shun. She focuses her time in Council meetings to trying to get tolerance and acceptance for those less popular in the Council. She is venerated by two different groups: the “undesirables” of society that she helps and those who honor the darkness and the night. She accepts both kinds without judgment.

Salawa: Salawa is a complete and total enigma. Looking something like a cross between an anteater, gazelle, and a badger, Salawa looks like no mortal animal seen in the Playground. It is a bizarre entity who seems to not understand the moral and ethical ideals of the other spirits. It seeks what seems like a random agenda, but the wisest of the Council caution dismissing its agenda as meaningless. Something is strange about this one. Its followers tend to be insane pariahs of society that see Salawa as a herald of ancient outsider deities who will end the world.


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