Played By Erebus Tekra
Divine Rank 6 – Lesser God
Alignment True Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol A purple Ankh with silver borders
Favoured Weapon Unarmed


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Balance
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Life (Sentience)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|6|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|
{C} Tranquility of Life: The ebb and flow of life brings about a feeling of tranquility in Yggdrasil, making her movements fluid.
{O} Power of Sentience: Yggdrasil directs the thoughts of all the living to herself long enough to amplify the strength of her attack.
{A} Spark of Life: The god of life is able to keep life going even in the face of overwhelming odds.
{D} Shield of Life: The god of life wraps herself in a shield from a portion the essence of every living being. This shield protects her from the harm of other gods as their own creations are used against them.
{D} Armor of Balance: Yggdrasil’s efforts to keep balance have taught her that sometimes you must just let others strike out at you.


Description: Yggdrasil, the goddess of life, is a tall woman wrapped in a cloak of silver. Her clothing is of a deep, rich purple. Her hair cascades down her shoulders and back. Her eyes are always shifting in color, able to peer into ones vary nature. She has a lithe build but carries no weapons and wears no armor.

Personality: Yggdrasil is the goddess of life and as such she values the presence of life above all. She does not despise death. In contrast she understands that sometimes death is needed for life to flourish. Yggdrasil seeks to keep balance between life. Forever monitoring the balance of plants, animals, and sentient life forms she seeks to make sure none gain overwhelming dominance. She does not oppose population increase so long as the world is capable of sustaining such numbers. An extinction event is the ultimate sin to Yggdrasil and she will stop at nothing to make sure one does not occur.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee