Zahav Zalal

The Whispering Void, the Empty Hunger



Played By DoctorGlock
Divine Rank 6 – Lesser God
Alignment Neutral Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol ???
Favoured Weapon Chain


Legacy Domain Elemental
Alignment Domain Evil
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Greed (Consumerism )
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|9|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|
[O] Moral Decay: ZZ infects a society with profound ennui, making them less productive, where people would rather stay home, watch TV and comfort eat processed slop rather than work, fight, produce or even worship.

[D] Heartless: ZZ has no morals, no empathy and no heart. It makes it difficult to stab him there.

[A] Economic Devastation: Want to know what central banking, lobbying and control of interest and exchange rates can do to your economy? Attack an incorporated trade partner and find out!

© Means of Production: You or your people want stuff, ZZ has the stuff. You really want to mess with that supply? Think you can find another dealer?

[D] Insidious Idea: ZZ is less an entity than a malign ideology, a diseased society’s soul. He is greed and ennui and unfulfilled craving, and those traits are eternal partners to mortalkind. Wherever they are, so is ZZ, and cannot truly be killed until those are rooted from the world.


There are the haves, and the have nots. And then there are those who always just want more. More gold. More power. More things. More stuff. And when they have it? More. Visualize a world… devoid of such concepts as morality, of justice, of love, of society, art and culture. A world filled with people just listening to different variations of the same constant noise, incessant distractions from the emptiness of their existence. And the words, in multitudes of languages, and in many cases in no language at all are the same. It is the constant flickering of neon lights promising all the sex you can buy, the crackling buzz over your household crystal ball telling you to buy the newest model racing chariot, hell just upgrade to the wide view crystal while you are out! You know what’s really missing from your life? A handheld scrying mirror, so you can talk to your friends even while away! But wait, the next generation is out with the wider screen! But wait, there’s more! Call within the next five minutes… Treat yourself! Eat delicious McBurger! Ask your cleric if HARDON™ is right for you! The buzz is rising… ever louder, until it drowns out reason, hope, humanity.



This is Zahav-Zalal

An idealized statue of a man with aristocratic features carved from the finest white marble, shot through with veins of gold. He wears fine clothes of whatever the dominant style at the time is, always the most expensive version of them. Whether robes or a business suit or whatever, they are always open from the neck to navel, revealing that his chest more or less ends center ribcage, where the heart would be, revealing a a whispering void. Anyone near enough to listen hear what at first seems like an incessant crackling buzz, but on closer inspection is a sussurus of an untold voices of hunger and unfulfilled need.

Zahav Zalal

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