Cetacean Magic

Cetacean magic takes several main forms in addition to traditional magic;

Ritual Magic

A gift of the Goddess of Song to the cetacea of the seas, what is known as ritual magic is often a painstaking and energy-draining method of magic. It also, however, provides an amazing level of magnification of released power, as well as being able to utilize multiple individuals as sources of power.

Ritual magic usually revolves around miniaturization or substitution regarding the effects desired. For instance, by creating a small whirlpool under a certain set of circumstances, they could in turn generate an enormous whirlpool elsewhere. Many of the rituals of the cetacea seem to performed with song, although whether the song is a part of the ritual or merely part of who they are is not known.

Weather Magic

For generations the cetaceans have been using magic to manipulate the oceans and the weather. Particularly when such magic directly involves the currents and the ocean, not only are they capable with it, but it is practically as effortless as breathing.

Cetacean Magic

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