Libram of Zak Nkajj

The Libram of Zak Nkajj is the name given to scholars to a number of works across the ages. It is hypothesized by the scholars who gave the name that the works in question are all, in fact, the same book, an artifact of divine power.
These titles include such pieces as:

The Kildare Manuscript. Originally reported found on an abandoned vessel beached outside the community of Kildare, it was said to contain only textual gibberish. It passed into the hands of a local scholar of some note.

The Liergard Cave Scrolls. A set of four scroll were reported found in sealed ornate cases deep beneath the Challenge Mountains by a party of Halflings. They were carrying a selection of jewelry and books to the dragons that make their homes in that region, when a curious duo exploring around their campsite located the cave and found the hidden treasure. The cases were said to be locked with a strange mechanism that took the group over ten days to crack a single one. The contents of all the scrolls were overlayed diagrams, the like of which they had never seen. It is from these diagrams that the first of the organ carriages was made, as well as the modern weaving looms and the multi-layered furnaces that are so heavily utilized. The scrolls disappeared when a hitch mysteriously failed and the wagon resultingly tumbled into a river. The salvage operation was unable to turn up any traces of the box they had been stored in.

The Papyrus of Ilset. Reportedly the inspiration for the famous series of Creation paintings by the legendary artist Marduk Sampson, story tells that there was a large piece of material found beneath a rug in an abandoned house that Marduk was squatting in when he was a homeless youngster. Covered in what many describe as rambling draws, like one might expect to see on a scribble pad, Marduk dusted and cleaned up the material and began the outline for the first of what we now know by as the Creation paintings, with all their strange tinges of blue and gold and crimsons and their otherworldly figures. The Papyrus is considered the only casualty lost in a freak fire that engulfed Marduk’s mansion six years later, and to date, no accurate descriptions of what it contained have ever been documented.

These are but three of the incidences that scholars point to, with the eerie similar characteristics in the coincidental method of their appearing, the mystery and unintelligible contents, and rapid vanishing of the items.

Libram of Zak Nkajj

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