Listeners of Yhr'zallus

Favored Class: Urban Savant

Founded by the ones to listen to the First Words of the Sorcerer-King, it was created by the gathering of individuals wishing to hear whispers of Yhrzallus more clearly. And by communing together, not only the Keeper of Secrets answered, but he also bestowed upon the world an avatar: The Keymaster, who of course became the highest member of the order. For he Spoke the words of their god, and the others Listened.

As citizens of Neutral Ground, the first Listeners were attuned to magic, and ultimately curious to find out who was the voice that had whispered into their heads. Their acceptance of Yhrzallus as their god let them take their pursuit, their curiosity, further than before, for in Madness lied many Secrets. Secrets only shared once the mortals attained enough favor from their god.

Those who become Listeners and seek knowledge too hastily have their minds broken, for Yhrzallus takes no pleasure in mortal arrogance, and vengefully reveals them too many secrets at once, secrets not meant for mortal minds that snap and tear at the psyche leaving the mortal as little more than a husk of their former self.

But for those who can stay the course, they find much within the organization. All proper Listeners are ultimately curious, and look not only inward to the imparted knowledge of their god, but seek secrets themselves. They curiously explore their surroundings, their city, they write down information, even if at the time it is irrelevant, for some day it may become relevant. In a few generations, it could even become a secret.

And in doing so, secrets of all kinds are both offered and received from Yhrzallus, as the Keymaster acts as the medium between the mortals and him.
Most offerings and requests undergo a ritual, known simply as The Waiting, for it is simply that. The Keymaster takes the mortal to a secluded room in Dream Neutral Ground. A room that does not seem to be anything other than self contained. And in there, the mortal must wait, as the Keymaster than leaves to speak to Yhrzallus.

Given the connection the Keymaster has to his god, such a ritual is more of a test of faith, dedication, patience as he leaves the mortal waiting for an indeterminate amount of time for an answer. It could take but a few seconds and stretch far beyond into days or more. The offer or request can be rejected. Either simply making the effort wasted, or if the mortal was particularly greedy, cause Yhrzallus to break their minds.

As such, most Listeners prefer to either take one rather relevant secret as an offer, or sometimes gather many secrets and offer them together, in hopes that in a later Waiting they may be granted a Secret by Yhrzallus.

Listeners of Yhr'zallus

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