A civilization founded and based and rooted in the concepts of law and honor.

Though there is no centralized form of law enforcement, the laws of this civilization are strictly monitored and regulated. All members count and act as law-keepers, preventing the breaking of any of the laws inscribed upon the mountains which surround their nation.

These Laws may be found at the bottom of the page describing the place ‘The Frozen North’.

The laws are few, but harsh. A liar shall have his tongue cut out. A spy shall have his eye removed. A thief shall have his hand cut off. A coward shall lose his feet. One and all they shall be marked upon the cheek, with a mark to match their crimes, so all may know. A murderer shall be disemboweled… slowly. Though murder is punished with such a gruesome execution, vengeance is allowed. The taking of a life for insult to honor or name, or the death of family or friends through incompetence, ineptitude, or plot. Magic is often used to determine the veracity of the stated circumstances and situation, with those subjected to such things being first weakened so that they may not resist.

Wargeld is also an acceptable punishment. If the individual or individuals in question are unable to pay the proper amount they may fend themselves in indebted servitude. These servants must be properly housed and cared for, as well as payed an appropriate wage so that they may eventually buy their freedom.

Harsh, but fair. Honor and Integrity are integral in this culture, and it thrives.

A hard land grows a hard people. Hard, but gentle perhaps. Guests are always welcome, a new face is a new friend.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Ralasha