The Runes

The secret, and tightly held written language, one capable of being used to perform magic, kept secret by the Fire Genasi, which consider it blasphemous heretical and loathsome to even give though to the sharing of it’s secrets with others.

It has no true spoken variant, as the meanings of the characters can never be fully explained verbally. A more advanced form of Runes is rumored to exist, but is said to only be known to the Grand Archmage (high wizard), The High Warlock (high warlock), The Chief of Priests (high priest), The Holder of the Flame (high cleric), and the Master of the Arcana (high sorcerer).

These Five form the leadership for the Fire Genasi society, ruling through wisdom, compassion, and knowledge. For the Good of All. Each only gains their seat upon passing a test submitted by Ignus herself, at which time the knowledge of symbols is imparted.

Though again, this is only a rumor.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Ralasha