The Church of Havenard Ironbeard

This informal, and unrecognized Church mistakenly worships a mortal known by many in the Grey Wastes as Havard, though his true name is Havenard Ironbeard. He is a Half-Giant Mountain Dwarf, and a Northman.

Hemeliosa has, unknown to these blasphemous mortals given her blessing, and much like their ‘leader’ has given them two gifts, the first, for their courage, is a new ‘class’ known as ‘The Fearless’, the second is a Prestige Class known by the Worshipers as ‘The Hammers of Havenard’.

They do not yet realize that the one they worship is in fact Hemeliosa, nor that their ‘Divinely Granted Gifts’ come directly from her.

Disturbing perhaps, is the effect that their worship appears to be having on Havard. Their worship is gradually increasing his strength, abilities, and shifting his ethics, outlook, and way of life. Twisting him to conform to their Idealistic version of him.

The Church of Havenard Ironbeard

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