The Frozen North

The Frozen North

The Home of Half Giants, and a place perpetually covered in a light dusting of snow or frost. Covered in hills, forests rivers and meandering streams. It is surrounded to the south by a single line of mountains that are, in all actuality, three sections of stone rising above the clouds themselves, with only two estuaries as entrance or exit. Invaders be wary, for the river passes into the interior are fortified and guarded at all times against hostile action.

The land slopes gradually upwards towards and past the mountains from the ocean, the external slopes themselves are steep, the internal slopes are sheer cliffs. Large lakes rest just inside of the mountain chains, and contain the ports in which all Longships are made.

In the center of the ‘topside’ mass which is the Frozen North are a trinity of peaks piercing high into the sky, between and within which is the only true city to be found. ‘Njordfalholm’ (N your D fall hole m), or northern mountain home.

The city it’s self within the mountains is a series of fortified and reinforced tunnels and halls of large size and splendor. Between the peaks the city is a series of rings of ever enlarging circumference as you near the mid-height of the mountains. With other concentric rings between them. Spiral-like pathways lead directly from one level to the next. While where the rings rest directly upon the mountains themselves there are passages to the interior.

On the exterior facing sides of the mountain are what most cultures would call the city it’s self, with sturdy bridges spanning across the gaps between. Walls intersperse the ‘levels’ of the buildings on the outside as one ascends the mountain town from any point. Large roads built for wagons three or four abreast wind from side to side from gate to gate, with each gate being on the opposite side from whichever side the previous gate was on.

Between the mountains are unassailable rapids, from the water running down the interior of the trinity, and out between the gaps. These waters feed most of the currents within the Frozen North, including the farmland which is spread out around Njordfalholm. Surrounding the farmland begins the forested lands which too are cut far enough back that no invading force may take them by surprise.

Upon the surrounding mountains, on the internal surfaces, and upon great tablet like sheets above each of the three sections of city on the trinity of peaks are the words of the laws of this land carved, for all and any which ever them to read, and which are easily read by any who see them, from any distance. Made so on purpose. (See bottom of description.)


Though much the same as the ‘topside’ this area is different in a number of small ways, it is filled with rolling foothills, and smaller mountains, lakes and rivers; dotted with heavy and thick forests and fields of grass and flowers. The frosts are not permanent here, though it snows for about half of the year, and rains for another quarter of the time. Small cities and towns are all linked by rivers and lakes and roads. though with the numbers of rivers, travel by water is normally more convenient than travel by ground. Upon the mountains surrounding this land are the Laws of the North.

These are those laws:
1: To protect the weak and defenseless.
2: To give succour to widows and orphans.
3: To give aid to the needy and the wounded, in so far as they may aid themselves.
4: To refrain from the wanton giving of offense.
5: To refrain from unnecessary violence except in the event of offense having been given.
6: To live by honour and for glory at all times.
7: To act at all times with courtesy and grace.
8: To fight for the welfare of all thine brothers, and peoples of The North.
9: To respect and obey their elders, except when it goes against the laws.
10: To guard the honour of their fellows.
11: To remain always fair, kind and honest.
12: To at all times speak the truth.
13: To leave no task unfinished.
14: To leave no enterprise unfinished.
15: To respect and guard the honour and virtue of women.
16: To never refuse a challenge.
17: To always act with respect, even toward a foe.

The Frozen North

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