The Titans

Each of these enormous beings varies in appearance from all others. Their only true defining feature is their obvious physical perfection, and their towering statuesque physiques.

Each Titan is by all perceivable accounts a member of a mortal race, as is it’s mate. Each one however has a specific and unique quality which sets is apart from lesser mortals. That unique trait is (aside from the obvious) usually also easily noticeable. The Dwarf Titan, in example has a beard made of metal. The Fire Titan has reddish skin. The Nature Titan is an elf, seemingly composed of wood and vines…

Titan Characteristics:
Hit Dice: 20d20 (400 Base + Constitution Modifier)
Size: Huge
Shapechanger (Ex): A Titan may take on the appearance of any race, and counts as a member of that race for as long as they hold that appearance, though it retains any beneficial traits of it’s true form while appearing as another. This does not count as a Transmutation effect.
Special Qualities: Immune to Sleep. Does not need to eat drink or breath.
Special Defenses: Immune to Fear. Immune to Transmutation. Immune to Necromancy. Immune to Paralysis. Energy Resistance 20, Damage Reduction 20/-, Spell Resistance 38.
Spellcasting: A Titan casts spells of it’s represented Domain as a 20th Level Cleric.
Attribute Modifiers: +12 to all attributes after size modifiers.
Challenge Rating: 23


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