Lady Morningstar



Played By Michael7123
Divine Rank 5 – Demi-god
Alignment Lawful Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol A sword facing down, it’s hilt surrounded by sunlight
Favoured Weapon Greatsword


Legacy Domain Elemental
Alignment Domain Good
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Light (Illumination)
Other Domains

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|5.5 (with The Sword of Morning)|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{C} Smite: Empyra’s sword glows with holy enemy as she swings it at her enemy

{D} Holy Shield: Placing her sword downward into the ground, Empyra creates a divine shield of energy that surrounds her entire body.

{A} Guiding Light: Any form of darkness near the opponent of whom I aid is cleared, giving my opponent a clear line of sight to attack or defend herself.



Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Michael7123