The Brood-Mother



Played By Zelphas
Divine Rank 1 – Demi-God
Alignment Lawful Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol A nest of Craast eggs, encircled by a sleeping mother Craast
Favoured Weapon Claw


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Good
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Family (Tribe)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Paradigm|Divinity |
|Combat Rating|1 (2 when attacked)|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{D} Protect the Tribe: Attacking one of the Tribe means attacking all of the Tribe. Safety in numbers.


Brief Description: Among her tribe, Kahla appears to be a female Craast slightly larger than average, with a mottled grey hide. Among mixed groups of creatures she appears to be one of the most numerous of the species there, always slightly larger than average and exuding a sense of motherly warmth.

Born from Kethneciel, god of Judgment, and the absorbed energy of the Cosmic Mother’s eye Oussia, Kahla combines her “father’s” rigid sense of rules with the warmth and benevolence of the eye of Summer. the Brood-mother runs her tribe strictly, but kindly, seeking to uphold all of her people and push them to the limits of what they can be.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee