the Implacable Judge



Played By Zelphas
Divine Rank 8 – Lesser God
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol Crossed Gavel and Executioner’s Axe
Favoured Weapon Battle Axe


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Law
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Retribution (Judgment)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|12.5 (With Executioner’s Axe)|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|
{C} Long Arm of the Law: Judgment hangs over all.
{O} Judge, Jury, and Executioner: The crime is reviewed by him, the sentence is passed by him, and the punishment is enacted by him.
{D} Refuge in the Law: Those who abide by the laws have nothing to fear.
{H} Partisan’s Scourge: [I]Any who claims impartiality, but favors one side of a debate over the other, will garner Kethneciel’s eternal ire.


Description: The Implacable Judge takes the form of a hybrid of dragon and humanoid, with draconic legs and body and a powerful humanoid torso and head. His entire form is covered by overlapping, heavy grey scales, covering any semblance of eyes, nose, or mouth. Kethneciel carries with him a massive, bloodstained battle-axe.

Kethneciel sits in impartial judgment over any dispute. He does not take sides. He cares not for good and evil. He simply passes judgment and administers due punishment for crimes.


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