The Deciver



Played By Zelphas
Divine Rank 5 Demi-God
Alignment Neutral Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A milky, blind eye, surrounded by cryptic rune-like symbols
Favoured Weapon Whip


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Balance
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Oracle (Mystery)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Caster
Combat Rating 5
Divine Combat Modifiers:
*{C}*Prescience: It is difficult to fight someone that knows what you're about to do before you do it. *{D}*Riddles and Tricks: Hiding behind confusing prophecies and technically-true lies, the god of Oracles is hard to spot directly, much less hit.

Mephos usually takes the form of a scrawny, sickly-looking elderly halfling. He wears scraps and rags and stares forwards with dull, milky eyes. The god delights in appearing to mortals in this form, babbling prophecies of death and destruction which are summarily ignored—and then causing those prophecies to be realized.

Mephos is the dark reflection of the helpful oracle, the wise but cruel information broker that delights in causing confusion. He jealously hoards his knowledge of the future, giving it out only in garbled, confusing riddles. If these riddles are solved, however, the person solving them invariably gains great insight into the future; though he goes to great lengths to deceive, Mephos never lies.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee