The Sleeping Ocean



Played By mystic1110
Divine Rank 5 – Demigod
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol A closed eye painted with a variety of different colors.
Favoured Weapon Drowning


Legacy Domain Elements
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Dream (Nightmare)
Other Domains N/A

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Caster (Spell Pool: 15)
Combat Rating 5
Divine Combat Modifiers: {D} Currents of Sleep: To attack Mezzetherra is to wade in her waters, to wade against her currents, to feel the pull of constant slumber calling.
{D} To Face Yourself: To attack Mezzetherra is to fight against your own nightmares, to fight against your own fantasies: to fight against yourself.
{D} The Embrace of Morpheus: To attack Mezzethera is to vaunt into dream itself. Her waters part and take you in – and perhaps you might dream of victory.

Mezzethera appears as a deep fathomless ocean – her waters from the shoreline appear calm. They are utterly still, the viewer only seeing an oily rainbow as whatever light reflects off her. Beneath the surface are powerful currents that drag dreaming minds through a varied dreamscape, before relinquishing them to waking, only to drag them down and drown them in nightmares when they close their eyes to sleep again. Submerged in her swim demon-kin; creatures of pure emotion, whom fish mortal dreams and fashion nightmares. In the dream reefs of the Sea, they build their castles and empires and play their wars. They rise occasionally from her endless depths to drag a mortal into bliss and torment for their own devices, or on behalf of the will of the Sleeping Ocean. Mezzethera’s goals are simple and few – she wishes for the universe to sleep at once and forever. Then it will wake within her.

When dreaming, all mortal minds drift within and into Mezzethera’s depths, her shadowy dream-waters shaping themselves around the dreamer as required, then fading back into formlessness once the dreamer awakens and the dream-self vanishes. Of course, such dreamers seldom realize they are within the goddess to begin with – that they are at the mercy of her currents – instead most mortals pray to Mezzethera as a humanoid dream god or goddess, an entity they just assume exists to govern dreams, instead of dream itself.

Mezzethera, herself, like any other ocean, is capricious. Those who sail her oily surface would admit to seeing her good moods whenever they stare into her and see prophecies and fantasies of a happy life – but all too often she shows them visions of mutiny and betrayal – promised storms just beyond the horizon. She sometimes drags dreamers into her waters to terrify, other times to give them ecstasy – sometimes she doesn’t drown them at all.


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