Matron of Music, Lady of Life Knowledge, Mother of the Oceans and the Fey, The Dreamer,



Played By Rainshine
Divine Rank 20 – Greater God
Alignment Neutral Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol Three circles arrayed over three lines
Favoured Weapon Sonic


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Balance
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Music (Sounds of Creation)
Other Domains Life ( Growth), Halfling (Caravan), Fey (Tunes of the Fey), Knowledge (Ballads), Oceans (Cetacea), Dreams (Foretelling), Oracle (Dreams and Visions)

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Divinity
Combat Rating 23 (20 DR + 3 DCM)
Divine Combat Modifiers: {C} Music of the Spheres: Understanding music can lead to a truer understanding of the world as a whole, and how to manipulate it. Through this, a greater mastery of combat can be achieved.’
{C} Lady of the Silvery Deeps: She has heard the tale of heroes, and aided in the work of many. There comes a time when the hand can offer healing, and when the hand must brandish a sword.
{C} Font of Knowledge: The first weapon in any arsenal is knowledge.
{H} Sounds of Creation (Hatred: Void): The unmaking of life, of music, the bringing of the void that is nothingness, this is the gravest crime that can be committed in the eyes of Mianmi.
{D} Hold the Line: At the eleventh hour, when all seems lost, and despair creeps into the hearts of the defender, then will the trumpet blast bring the hope of the ages, the redemption of a battle thought lost.
{D} Abundant Life: Life and the desire for such contends to keep she who strives upright when else she might fall.
{A} Inspiring Chant: Words can serve to bring about a magic in others, driving them to greater heights than ever before
{A} Words of Mending: Creation is not the only use for which the Ancient Sounds can be employed. That which was rent asunder can be made whole again.
{A} Heroic Soundtrack: Some music takes hold of the listener by the ears, letting them know that THIS, THIS is the moment for which they were made.
{A} Encouraging Melody: The disheartened gain courage and a renewed vigor from such a gift of words
{A} Valor and Victory!: Songs to make the heart stout and drive onwards to the just reward of the valiant.
{A} Optimism in All: The heart of a halfling, to go into danger and travail with head held high — because you are together..
{A} Dream of Courage: Sleep, my friend, and dream dreams of love, of victory, of courage.
{A} Actions: Foreseen: Knowledge of things to be done can turn the battle from defeat to victory

Libram of Zak Nkajj
Farseeing Eye
Aspect of Genetics
The Net

The Traveler


The very act of music is a creative force; where there was once silence — nothingness — there now exists something. Whether it be the strings of an orchestra, the lonely voice on the road, or the drumming of a warband, all are acts of creation, and all are sacred to Mianmi. Death, while tragic, is not the end of music, of creation, for the cycle continues and the chorus comes around again. Unmaking though, the obliteration of the cycle, that is abhorrent and sacrilegious to Mianmi, a breaking of that balance of the cycle.
Mianmi is often depicted as a large, heavyset woman, usually carrying an instrument of some kind — violin, harp, drums — spreading the joy of music throughout the world. In many murals, the background is a rainbow of colors coruscating around her. It is said that those who find her favor can work the same artistry.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee