The Forgotten Dreamer



Played By Durmatagno
Divine Rank 5 Demi-God
Alignment True Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol A two sided coin, one one side is an image of the night sky, filled with it’s brilliance, and on the other is the decaying remains of a fallen creature (this varies from coin to coin)
Favoured Weapon Rapier


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Balance
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Dreams (Creativity)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Warrior
Combat Rating 5
Divine Combat Modifiers:

{C} Cloak of Dreams: To fight Rosian is to see the dreams, the inner visions of everyone, both the good, and the twisted.
{O} Relentless Barrage: When you have pushed Rosian to attack you, he is as relentless as the dreams you have in your sleep, and just like dreams/nightmares, you remember only a fraction of the blows he sends your way, even if they don’t have much of an impact.
{D} Summon the Hearts: When Rosian is attacked, his cloak surrounds, and envelops him, masking his actions behind the images of both the sky, and the darkest drudges of the sentient mind.


Rosian has two forms, the one he appears most commonly in appears to be a young human, maybe eighteen, with pale skin, glasses perched on his nose, and behind them, eyes the color of polished silver, and hair so dark it appears to be made of shadow, draped down to his waist. His clothes, and cloak appear the same, and while this can be intimidating, as the lights dim, the darkness reveals itself to ripple between the stars of a night sky, to the aurora, and many dazzling wonders of the sky between. This is the form that earned him the name of The Forgotten Dreamer, as when viewing this, dreams long forgotten surge in the minds of mortals, their hopes of their lives, and what went wrong. In some, this inspires hope, in others, despair. Strapped to his right hip is is stylized rapier.

In his other form, his hair, clothes, and cloak turn bone white, and now appear to show images of civilization, from great works of art, to brutal torture rooms, and everything in between. In this form, mortals remember nightmares they have had, or lived through, and buried. Once more, this is not done out of malice, though due to the much more common despair, and suffering this causes, he rarely appears in this form, but to inspire the mortal mind to create, and imagine, and he believes that even suffering can bring about things of amazing beauty.

As a person, he tends to lean more towards good despite standing as a neutral god, due to the very focus of his existence being to inspire mortals, and gods alike to be creative, and dream, both of a better future, and new great works that will be admired for generations, or eons to come. His inspiration isn’t just art, and architecture, but anything that can be creative, music, books, and even styles of warfare can be inspired by him.

Squashing of creativity, being forced to think in one way, and not imagine, believe, or do anything but what you are assigned/told angers Rosian to the point that he would attack a far more powerful god if he witnesses it. Hearing of it enrages him as well, but he stays more level headed, and can plan, but seeing it makes him attack the source of this, and when this happens, he is always in his white form.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee