The Dude, Doctor of Love

Example Deity



Played By Skreechy
Divine Rank 5 – Demigod
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Holy/Unholy Symbol A bleeding heart being held between two hands
Favoured Weapon Bow


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Love (Lust)
Other Domains N/A

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Striker
Combat Rating 15
Divine Combat Modifiers: {C} Broken Heart: The Dude knows that Love can be quite painful at times. He even has the scars to prove it!
{D} Lover’s Scorn: It’s not the first time the Dude’s advances have been rejected. He’s used to it, and is tougher because of it.

The Dude, Doctor of Love

Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee