Valask Noir

The Mad Jester



Played By Holy Hunter
Divine Rank 6 Lesser God
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A ghost-white smiling mask vertically divided by 3 lines.
Favoured Weapon 3 bladed Poisoned claws


Legacy Domain Destruction
Alignment Domain Chaos
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Hatred (Vengence)
Other Domains None

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Striker
Combat Rating 6
Divine Combat Modifiers:
*{C}*: Burning Rage carries him into combat. *{C}*: Revenge drives him to destroy all. *{O}*:Deception- vengeance requires no honor or fair fight. The mad jester will pull any trick needed. Nothing is to low for him when it comes to sweet vengeance. *{O}*Poison of Hate- physically and mentally he will poison his enemies with hatred. It's something he understands more then anyone and it gives him the advantage. (Sometimes you just wish he would shut up.) *{A}*:Share the hate around, it's fun to enjoy with others.

Valask often appears as a mad jester. The often changing mask hiding his true thoughts and emotions. It’s unknown why he chooses this appearance. It often seems his obsessive hatred and vengeful plotting that constantly stirs in his mind has made him a little insane. He is highly egocentric and seemingly has split personalities.
He can be entertaining but things often go a sour when silence fills the void of expected laughter. As can be expected for one with a dominion over hatred, he has a short temper.

He comes across as a spoilt child, and his removal from the material plane was the best thing for his sanity.
Don’t let his outfit or character flaws fool you, he is very clever, cunning and manipulative indeed.

Valask Noir

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