The World God of Gravity, Progenitor of the Elements.



Played By Draken
Divine Rank 6 – Lesser
Alignment Neutral Evil
Holy/Unholy Symbol A stingray carved in gemstone
Favoured Weapon Tail


Legacy Domain Elements
Alignment Domain Evil
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Force (Gravity)
Other Domains N/A

Combat Statistics

Paradigm Warrior
Combat Rating 11
Divine Combat Modifiers: {H} (Destruction domain) The World’s Ruinous Power: The World will broker no defiance of his edicts. The land heaves at Zalsaram’s behest and the brittle towers of the Visionary and his progeny can but crumble beneath the rise of his mountains.
{H} The World’s Ravenous Pull: Cosmic dust is but what Worlds are made of. Zalsaram’s gravity will inevitably devour the Cosmic Mother.
{C} The World’s All-Searing Glare: Nothing survives the attentions of the World.
{C} The World Bleeds Fury: The World’s blood is poison and fire. His wounds are lethal to all but itself.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee