Bringer of Shape



Played By MetaKnightFan
Divine Rank 3 – Demi-God
Alignment Neutral Good
Holy/Unholy Symbol A golden triad formed by a hammer, sword and axe with their tops pointing outwards
Favoured Weapon Warhammer-guitar (For purposes of worshipers, consider it a martial weapon with a bardic instrument built in)


Legacy Domain Creation
Alignment Domain Good
Primary Domain (Portfolio) Metal (Shaping)
Other Domains Strength(Heroism)

Combat Statistics
|Combat Rating|3 (5 on first turn)|
|Divine Combat Modifiers:|

{C} What does not bend will break, and Zermanion shall not spare those who stand against creation from that rule. His resolve in combat is, however, unbreakable.
{C} Zermanion would not be a worthy bringer of shape if he did not know how to wield that which he creates.


Zermanion is a very headstrong deity, for his will is forged from the hardest of alloys and his armor shimmers with the pale golden glow of the stars. He is a figure of hope to allies and doom to his enemies. The god of metal, despite being made of unearthly, inorganic matter holds respect for mortals of flesh and blood, seeing them as worthy of wielding instruments of such strength and perfection that only metals could ever bring. But more than that, worthy of a dignified, honorable life.

He favors not only the smiths but knights, paladins and bards. Those willing to shape their society for its own betterment. It is in them that he sees the improvement, the eternal struggle of mortals to become perfect as metal is. And the Bringer of Shape intends to do no less than give them aid in such an endeavor.

But his benevolence is hardly something to be mistaken for weakness. He does not tolerate those who would ruin, who would corrupt such a finely shaped creation with dents and bends meant to shatter and unmake that which has been worked on with dedication, with passion, with the blood and lives of many. It’s his interest to keep order, more than rush mortals into the jaws of the abyss to vanquish all darkness forever. No matter how much one may struggle, even a divine one, there will always be chaos. So the best that Zermanion can provide to mortals is to bestow upon them sharp weapons and minds, wary and ready to defend the good causes of the world. For ultimately, the divines may be the architects of creation, but the hammer that shapes, that gives fine details, and alters what was made to its final state will always be in the hands of mortals.


Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Shmee