High Men

Ignus created the first of the High Men upon the First Forge within the First Smithy within her temple as is recorded in the Holy Texts. A race of man to be the Heroes of Man. His name was Yusri, little else is shared openly. What other information of him remains is either in her mind, or on the scrolls kept within the High Council’s Chambers.

Their creation was done with use of her Artifact Hammer. Ignus’ Hammer ‘‘Fregnahept’’ upon her personal anvil.

Much like normal humans in appearance they share certain distinguishing characteristics. Generally they are physically distinguished, either in being so broad an muscular that they look almost like giants, or having muscles so well toned and hardened that they have near limitless endurance. Still others may be well and truly ‘fearless’ in being that while they may be startled they are never truly afraid.

Their height is much like a normal human, albeit having an average of four to six inches more in height. They also tend towards being heavier, though why this is is an uncertainty.

Their appearance is almost always almost perfectly symmetrical. Having no features out of place, or unaligned with any others. Their skin, hair and eye colors may range and vary as much as their more mundane counterparts.

They distinguish themselves in one other manner. They age at about half of the rate of a typical human, and their maximum life expectancy is twice their venerable age category plus their constitution score in years.

Racial Features:

  • +2 to any one Physical Attribute, and a +2 to any one Mental attribute.
  • Skilled: High Men are more adaptive than even mortal men. They gain this racial trait twice.
  • Adaptive: High Men gain one additional bonus feat at first level. This bonus feat may be any for which the character qualifies.
  • Immortal Edge: High Men gain one of the following benefits in addition to those listed above: Powerful Build (Distinguished from similar traits of the same name below), Fearless (Described below) or Tireless (Described Below).
  • Alignment: Usually Good. Never Evil.

Powerful Build: The character with this trait is treated as being Large size whenever it is beneficial. This includes combat modifiers, weapon size, and carrying capacity.
Fearless: Whenever the character would become afraid that condition is instead reduced to shaken. Whenever the character would become shaken (excluding reduction from fear) the effect is negated.
Tireless: Whenever the character would become Exhausted that condition is reduced to Fatigued. Whenever the character would become Fatigued that condition is negated (excluding reduction from exhaustion).
Level Adjustment +1

The High Man of High Men:
The Highest of Men, The Highest of High Men, The Paragon of Heroes, or ‘King of Heroes’. Also known as The High Man is as is suggested by the first title, The Paragon of it’s people. Let not the title mislead you, be the individual male or female these are the titles of the individual in question. There is only ever one, born on the day the previous one has died. The following are the statistical modifiers for the Highest of High Men.

  • +2 to all attributes.
  • Skilled: The Highest is considered to have one rank in all skills, this trait otherwise functions identically to the one above.
  • Adaptive: The Highest gains two bonus feats at first level.
  • Immortal Edge: The Highest gains all of these benefits. Fearless, Powerful Build, and Tireless.
  • Alignment: Any Good. Tending towards Neutral Good.
  • Level Adjustment +2

High Men

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