Order of the Lawful Gods


  1. Kethneciel’s Decree: The Pantheon’s power must be used in a lawful manner or used to hinder chaos.
  2. Lustria’s Decree: Law must always be more powerful than Chaos.
  3. Ulvin Silverblade’s Decree: Kethneciel must be worshiped in some fashion within each members Temples or Shrines.
  4. Hemeliosa’s Decree: Let no deity of the Pantheon have direct control over the actions of another, or in their decisions.
  5. Tetlacochininervianl’s Decree: The brotherhood of Law must extend itself over all creation until all see the enlightened ways of order.
  6. Al’Zureed’s Decree: Forge lawful contracts with mortals as a means to an end.
  7. Yanegrish’s Decree: No member of the Order of Lawful Gods may act directly against another member.


The Order of Lawful Gods was created by Kethneciel because he could find very few Lawful gods in the Playground. The pantheon is dedicated to promoting Law in all its forms and destroying Chaos wherever it may be found.

Order of the Lawful Gods

Lord of Creation in the Playground 2015 Zelphas